School / Department / UnitSupply Chain and Information Management
Funding Scheme/SourceSage Software Asia Pte Ltd. and Research Matching Grant Scheme (RMGS)
Project TitleDesign of an AI-based Intelligent Model for Enhancing Business Performance
Project Team (HSUHK Staff)Dr Stephen NG (PI)
Dr CHOY Siu Kai (Co-I)
Dr George HO (Co-I)
Dr Cathy LAM (Co-I)
Project Period2021-07-01 to 2025-08-31 (On-going)
Funding Amount$1,545,719 (in-kind) and $1,545,719 (RMGS)
Other Collaborating PartiesN/A
AbstractThe sales volume of e-commerce experienced a rapid growth after the outbreak of COVID-19. Considering that the demands are unpredictable and most of orders are small-sized, this increases the challenges for small and medium (SME) -type companies in handling e-orders in terms of order management, data analysis, demand forecast, and inventory optimization. Digital transformation could be the strategy adopted by companies to transfer their traditional warehouse under the e-commerce new normal. However, according to a survey, about half of SMEs in Hong Kong did not understand how to adopt digital technology and hesitated to perform digital transformation as they believed that could be complex and expensive. Therefore, this research proposes to design a new AI-based intelligent model by integrating the digital technologies and artificial intelligent-based predictive analytics for companies to achieve performance enhancement. With the proposed model, many routine processes could be performed automatically, and human staff would be freed from repetitive tasks to focus on more innovative, value-added, and serviced related jobs. Also, error free operation and efficiency enhancement could be achieved in traditional warehouses which can ultimately facilitates digital transformation.