Internal Funding

To promote pursuit of excellence in research, the University offers financial support to academic staff for carrying out different kind of research and scholarly activities.

The University Research Start-up Fund

To encourage academic staff members to actively participate in research activities and apply for external research funding, the University has launched the University Research Start-up Fund in 2012/13.  The Fund aims to provide seed money to staff members for developing a research proposal for applying for external research grants.  For details, please refer to  the guidelines and the application form available at the VPARO Intranet.    

Grant for Research Support

The grant supports academic staff members to present their papers at local/ overseas conferences and to conduct general research activities or short-term research visits.  For conference presentation, the grant covers registration fee, accommodation, travelling and meal costs.  For general research activities, reimbursable items include editorial, submission and publication fees, data collection expenses, recruitment of research helpers and subscription fee of local library services. For short-term research visits, the grant supports mainly the travelling cost.  For details, please refer to the guidelines and application forms available at the VPARO Intranet.  

Strategic Development Grant

The grant supports schools and departments to undertake projects or initiatives that will contribute to the strategic development of the University/School/Department.  The guidelines and the application form are available at the VPARO Intranet. 

Student Independent Research Grant

The grant supports undergraduate students to conduct independent interdisciplinary research initiated by themselves during their 3rd or 4th year of studies.  The guidelines and the application form are available at the VPARO Intranet.