School / Department / UnitSupply Chain and Information Management
Funding Scheme/SourceAnonymous and Research Matching Grant Scheme (RMGS)
Project TitleA Longitudinal Study on the Dynamics of Hong Kong and Southern China Maritime Ports
Project Team (HSUHK Staff)Dr Collin WONG (PI)
Dr Helen MA (Co-I)
Project Period2020-07-01 to 2022-12-31 (Completed)
Funding Amount$200,000 and $170,000 = $370,000
Other Collaborating PartiesUniversity of British Columbia
Sun-Yat Sen University
AbstractThis research targets to conduct a longitudinal study on the dynamics of Hong Kong and southern China maritime ports. As discussed above, these three ports are located close to each other and fighting for the captive goods business in the Peral River Delta. In addition, both Shenzhen and Guangzhou ports are establishing themselves as the southern China hubs for transshipments. Unlike airlines, who offer direct flights or at most one transit to customers, the shipping lines are planning routes with multiple port calls to meet shippers’ requests. The network and hub effects for sea routes are different from air routes. The research objectives are listed as follows:

1. To review the past eleven-year (2008-2018) routes and throughput development of three ports (Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Shenzhen).
2. To analyse the supply strategies and changes in demands of these seaports.
3. To develop a flow model to describe the interaction between gateway and hub throughputs among these seaports.
4. To conduct a validity case study of blockchain application on seaports.
5. To provide managerial insights to port operators and relevant stakeholders.