School / Department / UnitSupply Chain and Information Management
Funding Scheme/SourceEdge Tech Consultancy Company Ltd. and Research Matching Grant Scheme (RMGS)
Project TitleDesign of a Blockchain-based Intelligent Model for Enhancing Supply Chain Reliability
Project Team (HSUHK Staff)Dr Cathy LAM (PI)
Dr Jack WU (Co-PI)
Dr Stephen NG (Co-I)
Dr Daniel MO (Co-I)
Project Period2020-03-01 to 2024-11-30 (On-going)
Funding Amount$594,740 (in-kind) and $594,740 (RMGS)
Other Collaborating PartiesN/A
AbstractThe growing trend of e-commerce has put high pressure on supply chain parties, especially for distribution centres. By shifting the traditional business model to e-commerce, the order fulfilment cycle become shorter as customers always expect to receive the goods as soon as possible. In addition, small order size with high product varieties, and, increasing demand for customized value-added services are received, which definitely increase the complexity in managing the operation process. Any mistake or wrong information in the operation process would pose great challenges to deliver e-commerce orders on time and in good quality. In order to fulfill e-commerce orders efficiently, all supply chain partners have to seamlessly collaborate with each other to increase the information visibility and operations efficiency. However, the uncertainty of the information provided by different supply chain parties is still a challenge of the e-commerce supply chain reliability. The variances during the operation process will affect the quality of goods and hence make on-time delivery impossible. This research focuses on a new research direction in designing an intelligent model by integrating Blockchain mechanism with AI supported data analytics for investigating the possible cause of delay delivery and product recall based on trustworthy process data. The result of which will contribute to enhancement in supply chain reliability under e-commerce environment.

Selected Publications

Lam, H. Y., Tsang, Y. P., Wu, C. H., & Tang, V. (2021). Data analytics and the P2P cloud: an integrated model for strategy formulation based on customer behaviour. Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications, 14(5), 2600-2617.
Lam, H. Y., & Tang, V. (2023). Digital transformation for cold chain management in freight forwarding industry. International Journal of Engineering Business Management, 15, 18479790231160857.