School / Department / UnitSupply Chain and Information Management
Funding Scheme/SourceSimio LLC and Research Matching Grant Scheme (RMGS)
Project TitleEstimating Blockchain IoT Project Completion Times – Simulation and Analytic Approach
Project Team (HSUHK Staff)Dr Jack WU (PI)
Dr Cathy LAM (Co-PI)
Dr George HO (Co-I)
Dr Stephen NG (Co-I)
Project Period2019-08-01 to 2022-12-31 (Completed)
Funding Amount$2,800,000 (in-kind) and $933,333 (RMGS)
Other Collaborating PartiesN/A
AbstractFor any business and organizations in adopting Blockchain and IoT, they need new project management techniques rather than the traditional project management practices. This project aims to investigate the benefits of a proposed simulation and analytics approach when compared with the traditional approaches such as Program/Project Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) and critical path method (CPM) used in IT project management. In order to analyse how new factors in Blockchain IoT projects will affect project time management, a simulation approach will be adopted to facilitate researchers and project students in collecting and consolidating data from participants in the form of batch testing (participants with and without project experience) of the Blockchain IoT project at different stages, so that project/program analysis can be conducted based on the decisions made by each individual in the simulation.

Selected Publications

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Wu C-H, Tsang Y-P, Lee CK-M, Ching W-K. A Blockchain-IoT Platform for the Smart Pallet Pooling Management. Sensors. 2021; 21(18):6310.
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