Research Matching Grant Scheme Opens for Applications

The Government has earmarked $3 billion as matching grants under the newly launched “Research Matching Grant Scheme” (Research MGS) which is designated for research-related purposes with no restriction on any academic disciplines.  

The Research MGS is set up with an aim of diversifying and strengthening financial support for the research development of the higher education sector by joining hands with the private sector.   Under the Research MGS, donations / research funding from non-government / non-public sectors (regardless whether they are from Hong Kong or non-local funding sources) as received by local degree-awarding institutions will be eligible for matching grants.  
The matching grants will be disbursed on (i) a dollar-for-dollar matching basis (i.e. a $1 to $1 matching ratio) up to the “floor” ($50 million) for matching by each university/institution; and  (ii) a $1 for $2 matching basis (i.e. $1 government grant for every $2 donations secured) for the level above the “floor” ($50 million) and not exceeding the “ceiling” ($500 million). 
Research MGS Operation Guide 
The operation guide together with a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) have been uploaded onto the UGC website ( for reference.  
For enquiries, please contact the Office of Vice-President (Academic & Research)