13 HSUHK Projects Approved for RGC Funding

In the 2022/23 ‘RGC Competitive Research Funding Schemes for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector’, HSUHK has secured a total funding of over HK$12.41 million for 13 projects under its ‘Faculty Development Scheme’. Since the launch of the schemes in 2014/15, HSUHK has received the highest funding amount and recorded the highest number of awarded research projects among all eligible self-financing institutions. 

An Overview of HSUHK Projects Funded by the RGC
Funding SchemeSchool/DepartmentPrincipal InvestigatorProject TitleFunding Amount (Inclusive of On-costs)(HKD)
Faculty Development Scheme (FDS)AccountancyDr Vivian ZHANGDoes Sharing the Same Auditor with Listed Affiliated Firms Affect IPO Audit Quality? An Analysis at the Audit Firm and Partner Levels$540,600
Faculty Development Scheme (FDS)CommunicationDr Howard SONGBusiness News Treasures in the Vanishing Old Newspapers in Hong Kong: The History, Characteristics, and Social Impact$641,800
Faculty Development Scheme (FDS)ComputingDr Carlin CHUEarly Detection of Cyberbullying Incidents in Chinese-English Code-Mixed Language with Targeted Emotional Colloquial Slang Phrases: A Transfer Learning Approach$916,650
Faculty Development Scheme (FDS)ManagementDr Kaylee KONGWhat Really Matters in Achieving Team and Individual Innovative Performance in Different Cultures: Innovation Leadership, Creative Collective and Self-Efficacy, and Initiative Climate$566,848
Faculty Development Scheme (FDS)ManagementDr Amy WANGHow do Team Insiders Respond to Newcomer Voice? A Mutual Influence Perspective of Newcomer Entry on Team Innovation$540,600
Faculty Development Scheme (FDS)MarketingDr Fanny CHANAdvertising Innovative Products Across Cultures: The Manifestation of Innovativeness Cues and Their Relative Impact$896,985
Faculty Development Scheme (FDS)MarketingDr Morgan YANGFeedback Strategy for Motivating Loyalty Program Members in the Digital Era: The Role of Progress Framing$628,920
Faculty Development Scheme (FDS)Mathematics, Statistics and InsuranceDr Timothy NGAdmixture Analysis of Multi-Site Multivariate Time Series$1,529,550
Faculty Development Scheme (FDS)Mathematics, Statistics and InsuranceDr Tom NGGeneralized Fiducial Inference and Model Selection on Multiple Change-point Detection in Autoregressive Time Series$1,324,850
Faculty Development Scheme (FDS)Mathematics, Statistics and InsuranceDr Carisa YUJoint Sparse Optimization: Nonconvex Penalty Theory and Applications$1,324,850
Faculty Development Scheme (FDS)Social ScienceDr Lucille NGANTransnational Ageing and Family Processes among Elderly Hong Kong Parents$883,818
Faculty Development Scheme (FDS)Supply Chain and Information ManagementDr Helen MAMinimizing Maintenance Delays by Integrating Aircraft Maintenance Routing and Maintenance Workforce Scheduling with the Consideration of Component Availability$1,359,350
Faculty Development Scheme (FDS)Supply Chain and Information ManagementDr WANG YueMetaConfigurator: A Resource-Effective Method to Develop Needs-Based Configurators for Product Customisation$1,261,600