Research Areas and Centres

University-wide Research Theme

The University has adopted the “Corporate Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Innovations” as the University-wide research theme.  The University, as well as individual staff, have been actively involved in research or projects related to this theme.  Some of the University-wide projects/ activities are shown as follows:

HSUHK International Sustainability Week 

  • HSUHK Symposium on Sustainability and Bamboo
  • The 1st Forum on Sustainable Development in Higher Education
  • The 20th Asia Pacific Decision Sciences Institute Conference and the 2nd International Conference on Supply Chain for Sustainability

Centre for Corporate Sustainability and Innovations
International Conference on Sustainable Development in Higher Education
Junzi Corporation Survey and Awards


School-level Strategic Research Areas

Based on its own academic discipline, each School has identified their strategic research areas as follows:

Research Institutes / Centres

Centre for Greater China Studies (CGCS)

The Centre, supported by the RGC Institutional Development Scheme, aims to enhance interdisciplinary research that highlights the rise of China and its impact on the rest of the world. The Centre has two major objectives. First, it serves as a research platform to formulate and promote Greater China studies at HSUHK.  Second, its facilitates academic exchange and cooperation between local and international scholars.  The Centre focuses on four key areas:

1) To facilitate research on the Belt and Road Initiative and the Big Bay Area Development.

2) To encourage research on interactions between China and the rest of the world, and accompanying problems that may occur.

3) To promote digital research methods and apply related knowledge to the field of Greater China studies.

4) To set up a “Greater China Research Network” website which would be used to engage in various types of academic activities and online publication.

Deep Learning Research & Application Centre (DLC) 

The Centre, supported by the RGC Institutional Development Scheme, provides a Cloud Computing environment for deep learning, as well as being a hub for promoting and applying deep learning to projects of various domains.  Research projects with innovative applications and potential will be identified to make good use of the Centre’s resources.  The deliverables include the training and promotion of deep learning systems in the University, as well as academic publications, conference talks and other forms of knowledge exchange (e.g. workshops, tutorials, seminars and conference).

Policy Research Institute of Global Supply Chain

The Institute, established and administered under the School of Decision Sciences, aims to undertake relevant, high-quality policy research in supply chain and logistics management, bringing direct benefits to the community and enhancing the well-beings of supply chain and logistics stakeholders in Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta.

Research Institute for Business (RIB)

HSUHK has secured funding from the RGC Institutional Development Scheme for setting up a Research Institute for Business.  The Institute aims to provide support to and coordinate research efforts in business research so as to advance the understanding of business practices with a focus on local relevance.  The Institute also targets to enhance the University’s research capability in business.  A Computerised Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) system will facilitate the University in carrying out opinion surveys and behavioural studies.

Statistics Consultancy Unit

The Statistics Consultancy Unit is established under the Department of Mathematics and Statistics which aims to provide consulting services to staff on campus and outside organizations and to offer seminars and workshops related to statistics.

School-level Strategic Research Areas

Based on its own academic discipline, each School has identified their strategic research areas as follows:

SchoolStrategic Research Areas
Business(1)   Contemporary Issues in Capital Market   (2)   Consumer and Organizational Behavior
Communication(1)   New Media and Social Change in Hong Kong
Decision Sciences(1)   Artificial Intelligence and Networking with Cloud   (2)   Business Analytics and Supply Chain Excellence (3)   Data Mining and Quantitative Risk Management
Humanities and Social Science(1)   Arts, Language and Literature   (2)   Digital Humanities (3)   Asian Societies and Their Transitions (4)  Culture and Innovation
Translation(1)   Translation Technology   (2)   Business Law Translation (3)   Translation and Culture