Funding Scheme

Education Bureau - Quality Enhancement Support Scheme

Project Title

Developing Language Proficiency for Post-secondary Students: Online Assessment and Self-learning of Putonghua through Gamification and Automation

Project Team (HSMC Staff) 

Ms Elena KO, Department of Chinese (PI)

Professor Alex CHEUNG, Department of Chinese (Co-I)

Mrs LAU Wai, Department of Chinese (Co-I)

Other Collaborating Parties


Project Period

1-9-2014 to 31-8-2017 (completed)

Funding Amount (HKD)



This project aims to set up the online assessment and self-learning of Putonghua not only to provide students with out of class opportunities to practice Putonghua, but also to ‘humanize’ and improve the interactivity of online learning through gamification and automation. In addition, there will be opportunities for a more social experience. Through this new development, we hope to change the one-way online teaching mode for Putonghua where teaching materials and test instruments are simply uploaded to encourage reflexive responses, and instead to create a motivating experience for students whilst also providing online assessment tasks and self-learning through certification.