Funding Scheme

RGC Inter-Institutional Development Scheme

Project Title

The Bright Side and Dark Side of Consumer Ethics

Project Team (HSMC Staff) 

Dr Lawrence LO, Department of Marketing (PI)

Dr Felix TANG, Department of Marketing (Co-PI)

Dr Karen YEUNG, Department of Marketing (Co-PI)

Dr Haksin CHAN, Department of Marketing (Co-PI)

Other Collaborating Parties


Project Period

1-1-2017 to 31-10-2017 (completed)

Funding Amount (HKD)



There is emerging evidence that consumer ethics involves multidimensional issues, and is often intertwined with business ethics. For example, consumers may engage in unethical behavior to vent their anger with a firm’s purportedly unfair practices. Conceivably, a low level of consumer ethics may lead to a hostile business environment, an unhappy workplace (for service personnel), and even a disruption of social harmony. On the bright side, “ethical consumerism” (e.g., green consumption, support for fair trade) may result in higher ethical standards on the part of both business and consumers. To advance theory and inform practice on this important topic, the Marketing Department of Hang Seng Management College will organize a two-day symposium in the summer of 2017. The goal is to facilitate intellectual exchange on different aspects of consumer ethics among researchers, practitioners, and policy makers. Overall, the symposium will be a first step toward building a vibrant intellectual community for developing new theories and business initiatives pertaining to the bright and dark sides of consumer ethics.