Funding Scheme

RGC Institutional Development Scheme

Project Title

Establishment of a Deep Learning Research & Application Centre

Project Team (HSMC Staff) 

Professor  Simon HO, President (Applicant)

Dr SIU Sai Cheong, Associate Professor, School of Translation (Team Leader)

Other Collaborating Parties


Project Period

1-1-2017 to 31-12-2019 (on-going)

Funding Amount (HKD)



There has been a resurgence of research into Artificial Intelligence and its applications, especially Machine Learning in the context of Big Data and Cloud Computing. Over the past few years, Google and many major internet companies have invested significantly in Machine Learning technology, in particular, so-called “Deep Learning” using very-large-scale multi-layer neural networks, in order to enhance their services with, for example, better image searching and machine translation capabilities. Deep Learning has already demonstrated great success in applications across many domains such as object detection, image classification, speech recognition, natural language and text processing, medical diagnosis and drug discovery. We envision that Deep Learning, in the context of Big Data using sophisticated methods which require the resources of Cloud Computing, will have great potential in many other areas of research and application, which require classifying, clustering and predicting data of various types (such as text, number, image, video, audio, time series and DNA).

This proposal aims for the establishment of a Deep Learning Research & Applications Centre (“the Centre”), which will meaningfully support research across all five schools (and associated benefiting departments) of the Hang Seng Management College. The Centre will provide a Cloud Computing environment for Deep Learning, as well as being a hub for promoting and applying Deep Learning to projects of various domains. The Cloud Computing environment will also escalate the research performance of the College by fulfilling the processing needs of all computing intensive projects.

Research projects (some of which might be in collaboration with ASTRI or other research organizations) with innovative applications and potential will be identified to make good use of the Centre’s resources. The deliverables include the training and promotion of Deep Learning systems in our College, as well as academic publications, conference talks and other forms of knowledge exchange (e.g. workshops, tutorials, seminars and conference).