Funding Scheme

RGC Institutional Development Scheme

Project Title

Set Up a Research Institute for Business    

Project Team (HSMC Staff) 

Professor Simon HO, President (Applicant)

Dr Felix TANG, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing (Team Leader)

Other Collaborating Parties


Project Period

1-1-2016 to 31-12-2018 (completed)

Funding Amount (HKD)



The proposed project is to set up a Research Institute for Business. The proposed research institute is to provide support and to coordinate research efforts in business research so that HSMC can advance the understanding of business practices with a focus of local relevance. The Research Institute for Business targets to enhance HSMC's research capability in business.

The Research Institute will organize academic conference, seminars, workshops and symposiums to disseminate the research findings. Within the Research Institute, a Computerized Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) system will be installed. The CATI system aims to perform opinion surveys so that HSMC can have the state-of-the-art survey technology to conduct research in behavioral studies.

The Research Institute also has the goal of integrating research findings into sound pedagogical practices and curriculum development. This will benefit the Society through better business education in the long term.