RGC Faculty Development Scheme

DateRGC Faculty Development Scheme
2018/19Three-echelon Collaborative Slot Allocation Planning for Liner Shipping Revenue Management Under Uncertain Demand (Dr Eugene WONG, PI)
2018/19Trajectories, Strategies, Practices of Second-generation Hong Kong Transnational Families (Dr Lucille NGAN, PI)
2018/19Too Busy to Help? Recent Evidence on Multiple Directorships and Firm Performance in Hong Kong (Dr Julia LIU, PI)
2018/19Doubts on Natural Rate of Unemployment: Evidence from Asian and OECD Countries (Dr Ben CHENG, PI)
2018/19The Impacts of Heterogeneous Maintenance Actions on Aircraft Routing Problems in regard to Airline Operations Reliability and Profitability (Dr Helen MA, PI)
2018/19Generalised Needs-based Product Configurator Design (Dr WANG Yue, PI)
2015/16Revisioning Ibsen: The Aesthetics and Politics of Staging the Self in China and Hong Kong (Prof TAM Kwok Kan, PI)
2015/16An Automated Student Program Assessment Framework with Tailorable and Automated Test Oracle for Computer Science Education (Prof POON Chung Keung, PI)
2018/19Model Selection with High Dimensional Incomplete Data (Prof TANG Man Lai, PI)
2018/19A Hybrid Approach to the Translation of Government Press Releases: Integration of Translation Memories and Neural Machine Translation (Dr SIU Sai Cheong, PI)
2018/19Destined for Conflict? An Implicit Theory Approach to Relational Motive and Dispute Resolution Practices (Dr Jeanne FU, PI)
2017/18Examining Chuci through the Newly Excavated Bamboo Manuscripts and the Development of Related Electronic Databases (Dr Ivan CHEN, PI)
2017/18In Search of Literary Publicness: A Study of Post-70s Hong Kong Writers (Dr KWOK Sze Wing, PI)
2017/18Literary Movement and Political Instrument: Yuan Zhen’s Transformation of Imperial Documents (Dr TAN Mei Ah, PI)
2017/18Agenda-building in IPOs - Exploring the Relationship between Public Relations Efforts and Financial News Coverage (Dr Meily CHEUNG, PI)
2017/18Self-adaptive Collective Motion of Swarm Robots (Dr LIU Hai, PI)
2017/18Optimizing Analytics Processing in Encrypted Database Systems (Dr WONG Wai Kit, PI)
2017/18Co-speech Gestures Across First and Second Languages in Hong Kong: Cantonese and English (Dr Donovan Richard GROSE, PI)
2017/18Crafting for Better or Worse? An Empirical Investigation on Different Foci of Employee Job Crafting Behaviors (Dr Eko LIAO, PI)
2017/18Perceptions of Brand Co-appearance in Product Placement: An Information-processing Approach to Examining Brand and Consumer Factors (Dr Fanny CHAN, PI)
2017/18Expanding the Boundaries of Electronic Word-of-Mouth Research: A Research Program on Designing Influential Online Review Forums (Dr Haksin CHAN, PI)
2017/18The Psychological and Moral Mechanism of Counterfeit Consumption in the Culture-mixing Context (Dr Felix TANG, PI)
2017/18Fuzzy Bit-plane-dependence Multi-domain Region Competition: Mathematical Modelling and Applications (Dr CHOY Siu Kai, PI)
2017/18Statistical Disclosure Control of Confidential Data Using Vine Copulas with Applications to Finance and Healthcare Management (Dr Benson LAM, PI)
2017/18Supervised Dimensionality Reduction with Unsupervised Learning: Theory and Applications (Dr Benson LAM, PI)
2017/18Alternative Item Count Techniques for Sensitive Survey Questions: Theories and Methods (Professor TANG Man Lai, PI)
2017/18Interior Subgradient Methods for Large-scale Quasi-convex Optimization and Their Applications (Dr Carisa YU, PI)
2017/18The Politics of Gateway: Checkpoint, Brokerage, and Negotiated Crossing (Dr Eva HUNG, PI)
2017/18Design of Flexible Vehicle Management Systems for Mass Customised and Sustainable Paratransit Services (Dr Daniel MO, PI)
2017/18Configuration-based Recommendations for Online Product Customization in e-Commerce (Dr WANG Yue, PI)
2016/17Acquirers' Transparency and Market Reactions to M&As in Emerging Markets - Evidence from China (Dr Rita YIP, PI)
2016/17Identify the Uniqueness of Idiosyncratic Deals: A Comparison with Similar Practices and An Empirical Investigation (Dr Eko LIAO, PI)
2016/17Consumer Carbon Label: Development of Supply Chain Product Carbon Footprint and Consumer Carbon Index for Beverage Merchandise (Dr Eugene WONG, PI)
2016/17The Evolutionary Trend of International Income Inequality: An Analysis of Decomposition and Transitional Dynamics (Dr James CHEONG, PI)
2016/17Is the Investor-pays Model an Effective Solution to Problems in the Credit Rating Industry? (Dr Jeff SHEN, PI)
2016/17Motivating Loyalty Program Members toward Reward Pursuit: A Cross-Cultural Perspective (Dr Morgan YANG, PI)
2016/17Secure Cloud Database System using Communication-Efficient Multi-Party Computation (Dr WONG Wai Kit, PI)
2016/17Adaptive Process Optimization Strategies: Sustaining the Best-in-class Performance of Spare Parts Services (Dr Daniel MO, PI)
2016/17Developing the Model of Inoculated Spiral of Silence (ISoS) for the Insight of Public Opinion in Hong Kong (Prof Scarlet TSO, PI)
2016/17Advanced Statistical Methods for Complex Longitudinal Data Analysis (Prof TANG Man Lai, PI)
2016/17On the Uncertainty of Value-at-Risk of Individual Risk (Dr Kevin YUEN, PI)
2016/17Analysis and Application of Bounds in Insolvency Problem (Dr Becky LEE, PI)
2016/17Statistical Inference of Sensitive Randomized Dichotomous Responses with Applications to Information Management and Healthcare Management (Dr Connie LIU, PI)
2014/15Exploring English teachers' Assessment Practices and Student Perceptions of them in Hong Kong's Self-financing Tertiary Institutions (Dr Maggie MA, PI)
2014/15Early Fatherhood among Returnees in Hong Kong: Spousal Relations, Child-rearing and Work (Dr Lucille NGAN, PI)
2014/15From the Newsroom to the Classroom: Bridging the Gap between Business Journalism Practice and Education in Hong Kong (Dr Howard SONG, PI)
2014/15New Item Count Techniques for Surveys with Sensitive Questions: Theories and Methods (Professor TANG Man Lai, PI)
2014/15Supply Chain Decarbonisation: Good Industry Practices and Development of Carbon Footprint Toolkit (Dr Eugene WONG, PI)
2014/15A Philosophical Investigation of the Interaction between Emotion and Mood (Dr WONG Muk Yan, PI)
2014/15Systematic Biases in Hong Kongs Mandatory Provident Funds and UKs Individual Savings Account (Dr Ricky WONG, PI)
2014/15Improving Selection Query Processing Speed of Secure Cloud Database Systems by Tuple Pruning on Desensitized Data (Dr WONG Wai Kit, PI)
2014/15Generalized Multicriteria Programs and their Application in Portfolio Selection Problems (Dr Carisa YU, PI)
2014/15武威漢代醫簡釋文校訂及其相關問題研究 (袁國華博士 首席研究員)
2015/16Adaptive Word-of-Mouth Behavior and Online Forum Design: A Cross-Cultural Investigation into the Dynamic Nature of Online Consumer Reviews (Dr Haksin CHAN, PI)
2015/16A Global Network Decision Support System for Air Passenger and Freight Businesses (Dr Collin WONG, PI)
2015/16Fuzzy Generalised Gaussian Density Segmentation Model: Mathematical Analysis and Applications (Dr CHOY Siu Kai, PI)
2015/16The Emergence of Second-Tier Auditors in China: An Analysis of Audit Quality (Dr LIU Junxia, PI)
2015/16Sustainable Development for Community Dial-a-ride Services: Driving more People without more Vehicles (Dr Daniel MO, PI)
2015/16Relative Attribute Based Configurator Design for Mass Customization (Dr WANG Yue, PI)
2015/16Sparse Optimization Models with Application to Portfolio Management (Dr Carisa YU, PI)
2014/15On 2-d Rectangular Packing Problem with Aspect Ratio Considerations (Dr CHAN Chi Kong, PI)
2014/15Product Placement in Hong Kong Television Programs: The Role of Prior Notification and Humor on Brand Persuasiveness (Dr Fanny CHAN, PI)
2014/15Identifying the “Fit” between Word-of-Mouth Content and Word-of-Mouth Context: A Multi-Method Investigation (Dr Haksin CHAN, PI)
2014/15Team Cognitive Diversity and Creativity: The Role of Team Learning and Inclusion (Professor Irene CHOW, PI)
2014/15Model-based Unsupervised Image Segmentation (Dr CHOY Siu Kai, PI)
2014/15Integrated Modeling Approach for Increasing Hong Kong Port Competitiveness (Dr Karolina GLOWACKA, PI)
2014/15Accelerating Nonrigid Image Registration Using Local Information Measures and GPU Implementation (Dr Keith CHEUNG, PI)
2014/15Cross-border Exchanges and Shadow Economy in the Pearl River Delta Region (Dr Eva HUNG, PI)
2014/15Data Functional Modelling with Outliers (Dr Benson LAM, PI)
2014/15Review of the Current Law School Curriculum to Promote the Use of Cantonese in Hong Kong Courtrooms (Dr Elvis LEE, PI)
2014/15Psychological Acceptance of Culture Mixing: Effects of Cultural Politeness (Dr LI Dongmei, PI)
2014/15Task Sequencing with Different Task Conditions in Task-based Language Teaching: A Longitudinal Study on Immediate Task Performance and Long Term Proficiency Development (Dr Gavin BUI, PI)
2014/15Media, Experts and Politics of Knowledge: the Making of of Tourism Capacity (Dr CHAN Chi Kit, PI)