Call for Proposals : RGC Competitive Research Funding Schemes for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector (2020/21 exercise)

The Research Grants Committee (RGC) now invites applications for the 2020/21 Competitive Research Funding Schemes for Local Self-financing Degree Sector.  Three funding schemes comprising four different research grants are available for the self-financing degree sector. 

    • The Faculty Development Scheme (FDS) aims to develop the research capability of individual academics so that they can transfer their research experiences and new knowledge into teaching and learning.
    • The Institutional Development Scheme (IDS) Collaborative Research Grant (CRG) is set up to encourage and support collaborative research involving two or more self-financing institutions, and / or group research activities that operate across disciplines within an institution with a view to enhancing the research output of self-financing institutions in terms of the level of attainment, quality, dimensions and / or speed.
    • The Inter-Institutional Development Scheme (IIDS) is to enhance academics’ research capability and to keep them abreast of new developments and challenging research topics in relevant fields through the organisation of workshops or short courses on an institutional or joint-institutional basis. 

For details of the schemes and internal vetting procedures,  please refer to the internal circular issued on 5 November 2019 by the Office of Vice-President (Academic & Research).