Call for Applications : 2020 Guangdong-Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme

The Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) is inviting applications for the 2020 Guangdong – Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme (TCFS).  Launched in September 2004, TCFS aims to enhance the level of collaboration on research and development (R&D) among universities, research institutes and technology enterprises in Hong Kong and Guangdong /Shenzhen. Details, application form (Chinese version only) and guidelines (Chinese version only) are available at the ITC website.


The lead applicant must be an R&D Centre or a designated local public research institute (e.g. HSUHK). The industry co-applicant  for collaborative projects can be either a company incorporated in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622); or an industry support organisation, a trade and industry association or professional body which has the legal capacity to enter into contracts.

Key Features

  1. Support platform and collaborative R&D projects with an element of Hong Kong and Guangdong or Hong Kong and Shenzhen cooperation.
  2. Three categories of projects underTCFS:
    • Category A: projects solicited, vetted and funded solely by Hong Kong.
    • Category B: projects solicited, vetted and funded solely by Guangdong or Shenzhen.
    • Category C: projects jointly solicited and funded by Guangdong and Hong Kong (Category C1) or Shenzhen and Hong Kong (Category C2). R&D work of the projects must be conducted in both Hong Kong and Guangdong or Shenzhen.

*Applications under Category C should be completed in Chinese. In submitting an application under Category C, the lead applicant should also enclose the application from its Guangdong/Shenzhen partner which should be submitted concurrently to the Guangdong/Shenzhen authorities.

  1. Maximum Project Duration: 24 months.
  2. Industry Sponsorship: at least 10% of the total project cost for platformprojects; at least 50% of the total project cost for collaborative projects.
  3. Intellectual Property (IP) Rights Ownership: lead applicant for platformprojects; industry co-applicant for collaborative projects if it contributes at least 50% of the total project cost.

For details of the scheme and internal vetting procedures, please refer to the internal circular issued on 25 August 2020 by the Research Administration Unit of the Office of Vice-President (Academic & Research).